A few highlights from an interview with Stephanopoulos that was chock full of them, including the revelation that The One once thought of joining the military but apparently neglected to mention that fact in either of his two memoirs. How he presumes to know that Palin will be even Bushier than McCain when the chief talking point from his side right now is that we’re dangerously unaware of her policy views, I don’t know; presumably it’s just his way of calling her a “Christianist,” which is a highly nuanced position indeed.

The one on one showdown comes at the end. Before that, you’ll find a brief exchange about whether commanding the Alaska National Guard is a credential worth mentioning. Exit quotation from Biden: “You realize you could’ve made history if you’d found a cardboard cut-out of Gov. Palin, that’s the closest she would’ve been to taking tough questions from the national media since she was selected.”