Top Obama supporter to Ingraham: Shouldn’t Palin be home taking care of her kids? Update: Media annoyed at GOP criticism

posted at 4:24 pm on September 5, 2008 by Allahpundit

Fair to call him a “top” supporter? Given the fact that he’s a member of The One’s national finance committee and advertises that fact in his HuffPo bio, I’m going with “yes.” His M.O. reminds me of Greenwald trying to rewrite the definition of “chickenhawk” so that it applies to the right but not the left: Start with the smear you want to use, then refine the parameters just enough to protect your own side from the tu quoque. In this case it means replacing the argument that mom should be home with the family with the more highly nuanced argument that any politician of either sex should be home when their family’s in crisis. Bristol’s pregnant and baby Trig has Down’s syndrome and, gosh, don’t you think a responsible mother gender-neutral parent would consider that before doing something as rash as running for high office? To which I reply: Am I hallucinating or isn’t there a guy on the other ticket who had a much worse family crisis than this, who in fact has been praised to the heavens for not quitting his job and instead making a heroic effort to manage both kids and career through hard times? Did I dream that? I could have sworn I heard something about it recently.

All part of the effort to freak-ify her, of course. She’s a bad mom with a chillbilly family better suited to Springer than to network election coverage. That’s why the AP’s including cute little details about school mascots in their stories of how many colleges she attended. And why “respectable” journals of left-wing thought are soliciting pieces from advice columnists. Exit question: Does the left really want to play a game of “children ruined by absentee political parents”? Because I know just the place to start.

Update: Don’t you mind what those conservatives are saying about the press, now. The coverage is fair because, well, we say it is:

After several primetime speakers at this week’s Republican National Convention unleashed a barrage of attacks on the news media for their coverage of vice-presidential nominee Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, network news executives defended their coverage and dismissed the charges as a stale political strategy meant to distract viewers from legitimate election issues.

“It’s a time-honored marketing ploy and, every time they bash the media, it means they’re not talking about a vision or a plan,” CNN president Jon Klein said. “But the best antidote to cynical marketing is solid reporting.”…

“America has been presented with a total unknown who might be a heartbeat away from the presidency,” Klein said of Palin, “and Americans have every right to expect as much information as possible about this person so that they can make an informed choice. Certainly our critics are in favor of Americans making an informed choice, aren’t they?”

What Klein means by “informed choice,” of course, is having his reporters recycle Daily Kos rumors about whether Trig is really Palin’s child and wonder aloud whether the mother of a Down’s baby should really be doing something as selfish as running for vice president.

These morons understand that the public agrees with McCain’s campaign about this, yes?

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The fact that the media feels compelled to defend themselves against charges of bias affirms the validity of those charges. They’re on their heels now. The media is spending what’s left of its credibility on an all out effort to push Obama over the top. Now’s the time to tag them with the BIASED label so that it sticks.

Tantor on September 7, 2008 at 10:54 PM

The most disturbing of all these memes is something that I have yet to hear discussed and that is that the liberal outlets are pushing the idea that a “regular person” has no chance to be President. They are minimizing Governor Palin’s real world experience without a thought of Obama’s lack of true experience.

What they are essentially saying is that a regular person can only be Pres or VP if they have an Ivy league education and they have been to Washington for a period of time. That excludes 99.999% of the American population.

The other meme is that the government is just to complex for a regular Joe to understand, therefore you must have the “approved” background to be successful. That is not what the Founding Father’s envisioned when they created the citizen-legislator concept.

Maybe it is time to cut the government back to size where a common sense, regular Joe, citizen legislator it the rule. I know more people with a great deal of wisdom that don’t have Harvard degrees than with them.

utahprez on September 8, 2008 at 9:57 AM