I omitted the part where he called him the most radical liberal to run for president in his lifetime, George McGovern included. (Felt like overkill!) The second clip has most of the fireworks but the first clip, with its mwa-ha-ha tribute to Operation Chaos, is more fun. Like the man says, everything’s going according to plan. Why, even Slick’s shameless lies seem charming these days:

Over seven stops in North Carolina, Clinton said “Everywhere I go there are all these people with signs, saying I’m not bitter – I’m not bitter.”…

The strong sentiments were appreciated by the crowd, but were not entirely accurate. During Clinton’s seven stops in North Carolina on Saturday there were no “I’m not bitter” signs. There was a small assortment of people at his later events wearing stickers with the slogan, but many of those sporting the stickers weren’t even sure what they meant.

Is it working? A Survey USA poll of Indiana taken this weekend reveals Her Majesty up 55-39 — a gain of +7 since the last poll two weeks ago. Chaos.