Meet the new GOP front-runner

posted at 9:13 pm on January 15, 2008 by Bryan

Two primary wins, two seconds. No one else has been as broadly competitive so far. He has the most delegates and the most money in the bank, and he’s back to campaigning in South Carolina for Saturday’s primary. He’s in a statistical tie for second there. With four primary contests and three different winners, there isn’t a solid front-funner in the GOP but there is a front-runner for now, and that’s Mitt Romney.

Am I the only one breathing a sigh of relief that the front-runner coming out of Michigan isn’t McCain or Huckabee?

Update: Here’s CNN’s rolling tally of the votes.

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Michelle Malkin 1/16 “Wanted: A ‘Suck It Up’ Candidate” @NationalReviewOnline,
“Fred Thompson, supposedly the conservative’s conservative, asserted the need for a fiscal stimulus: ‘I think that has to be considered somewhere along the line if the economy calls for it.’”

Malkin’s bias against Thompson is seen by writing that Thompson “asserted the need for a fiscal stimulus” that is flatly untrue. To the contrary, Thompson repeatedly emphasizes, “But conditions as yet are not determined.” Thompson states that any stimulous package TAX CUT to POSSIBLY be considered under the most dire circumstances must be tailored to get into the consumers’ pocket, and to specifically prevent and never encourage the bad behavior of speculators. Thompson reiterates that the economic conditions as yet are not determined.

The HotAir Headline:

“AP writer might be slightly biased against Mitt”

might reflect HotAir’s slight bias for Mitt.

HotAir bias facilitates Mitt’s propaganda. Mitt promises everyone can have their cake and eat it too.

ON DEADLINE: Mitt Won, Authenticity Lost, By Ron Fournier, AP, 1/15 10:38 p.m.,
In fact, all leaders pander, but Romney is taking the tactic to new heights. But to go all the way, Romney must overcome the original sin of his campaign — his choice to do whatever it takes to be president. The smart money says he can’t.

Ron Fournier points out that Mitt buys votes with hollow promises and propaganda that would require further socialism to fulfill.

To invest in Mitt, one divorces the heart and soul of conservatism that would project America’s strength forward on the firm ground of smaller government and lower taxes.

This is primary season when the effect of the conservative vote matters most significantly throughout the 50 states. Conservative turn out is imperative to perpetuate the ideal government ideology that eschews deceit and sloth. The coming conservative primary voters will yet voice determination for our GOP POTUS candidate. If conservative Republicans provide the nation with a conservative leader to elect in the general, then out nation’s direction has the greatest hope. When conservative media support the conservative platform, they provide conservatism strength towards victory.

Record and Platform Unify.

maverick muse on January 16, 2008 at 10:50 AM

The idea that there is something inherently wrong with stimulus packages is just wrong-headed to me. It depends on what’s in them.

Tax cuts are a fiscal stimulus, as is cutting back on burdensome regulations, investing in R&D to compete with China/India/Japan and so forth.

It’s one thing to say, as the Dems are, that they want to hand out checks to people, but it’s quite another to cut taxes which hamper our ability to compete, or which penalize savings and investment.

Buy Danish on January 16, 2008 at 10:56 AM

:::::::::::::::THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:::::::::::::

Welcome… to your new Overlords… the Mittheads.

Mcguyver on January 16, 2008 at 11:04 AM

Romney may very well be the next POTUS. The fact that Yahoo News buried his win in paragraph 7 (!!) of its lead story about HILLARY winning MI shows its pathetic liberal bias.

I still like Romney best. After closely analyzing all the GOP candidates, he’s the only one I can honestly see running the country.

I could be wrong.

PoliticallyIncorrectSandy on January 16, 2008 at 11:21 AM

maverick muse on January 16, 2008 at 10:50 AM said:

Ron Fournier points out that Mitt buys votes with hollow promises and propaganda that would require further socialism to fulfill.

Amen to that. In Michigan he was promising that as president he would bring the U.S. auto industry back to its former glory. But how? He said that the auto industry is going down the toilet because of CAFE & government regulation, not because of corrupt, greedy unions and the inability of U.S. auto makers to figure out what consumers want and give it to them.

Either he was lying to voters (gasp!), or he’s planning massive government intervention. And what about the lumber industry in the Northwest, or the steel industry in Pennsylvania? More government intervention to save failed businesses?

McCain was talking sense in Michigan, telling people that they were going to have to face reality and re-train and come up with new business ideas, but Romney was making such pie-in-the-sky promises of getting everyone’s jobs back that McCain had to shut up.

How is this conservative? How is it honest or honorable? The U.S. auto makers and their unions have screwed themselves out of their jobs and Romney promises government solutions.

29Victor on January 16, 2008 at 1:32 PM

Am I the only one breathing a sigh of relief that the front-runner coming out of Michigan isn’t McCain or Huckabee?

No, you aren’t the only one…

stacman on January 16, 2008 at 6:05 PM

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