It started out as a protest of the as yet unsolved noose incident. But anyone who has been paying attention to campus politics over the past few years or even weeks would hesitate to form up a rally over what may turn out to be either a self-inflicted hate incident or the effect of some kind of campus rivalrly. The facts never amount to so much as a speed bump in campus protests. And as these things usually go, what starts out as a protest about one specific issue becomes a polyglot for just about every bit of hard left crankery under the sun. Thus, the hunger strike about a noose becomes a rally to free cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, make the university’s curriculum even more p.c., get out of Iraq, free Tibet, help Darfur, give free health care and puppy dogs to everyone on earth, end poverty, and give the world a Coke. Focus, people, focus.

Michelle has all the details. It’s good for a chuckle, and makes me glad I went to a run of the mill university that while it wasn’t elite, it wasn’t, well, elite.

Like Michelle, I expect some of these intrepid hunger strikers to put on a few pounds.