Pelosi’s and Rice’s Syrian outreach program set to pay big dividends

posted at 8:28 pm on May 10, 2007 by Allahpundit

Any day now. Just give it time. Annnny day now.

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,,,,,,,,oh, I get it: satire; irony; sarcasm

Janos Hunyadi on May 10, 2007 at 8:41 PM

Add to it this story

Saudi report: Terror cell had Syria base Tue May 8,
6:33 PM ET

RIYADH, Saudi – One of seven recently exposed Saudi
terrorist cells used Syria as a base for coordinating
with al-Qaida in Iraq and held training camps in the
desert of neighboring Yemen, a newspaper owned by
Saudi Arabia’s royal family said Tuesday.

The report in Al-Watan provided the first new details
since Saudi authorities announced last month that
security forces had broken up the biggest terror plot
ever uncovered in the kingdom.

The government said a monthslong sweep had netted 172
alleged Islamic militants, some of whom trained abroad
as pilots for using aircraft in attacks. The militants
were said to have been organized into seven cells.

“One of the uncovered cells used Syria as a `safe
house’ for meetings and coordination with active
elements of al-Qaida in Iraq,” Al-Watan said. “The
houses were used for recruiting and testing loyalties
of new members, most of whom were youngsters.”

Al-Watan provided no source for its report. In Syria,
officials were not immediately available for comment
on the newspaper’s claim.

U.S. officials have accused Syrian authorities of
allowing militants to cross into Iraq to join the
insurgency. The Damascus regime has denied that,
saying it tries to police the long border.

Al-Watan paper said the terror cell, described as the
most dangerous of the seven, also had members train in
camps in a mountainous area in Yemen close to the
Saudi border.

“The extremist group exploited the absence of any
Yemeni authorities’ control over this region and held
permanent camps there. Selected members crossed the
border in groups of three to four for training,”
Al-Watan said.

Saudi authorities said in April that the sweep
thwarted a militant plots to mount air attacks on the
kingdom’s oil refineries, break extremists out of
prison and send suicide attackers to kill government

Saudi Arabia’s long alliance with the United States
angers Saudi extremists, especially al-Qaida leader
Osama bin Laden, who was born here. Fifteen of the
19 airline hijackers in the Sept. 11 attacks on the
U.S. were from Saudi Arabia.

An austere strain of Islam known as Wahhabism is
followed by the country’s predominantly Sunni Muslim
population, and militant groups have attracted Saudi
recruits with extremist leanings.

Militants have in the past attacked foreigners living
in Saudi Arabia as well as the country’s oil industry,
which has more than 260 billion barrels of proven oil
reserves — a quarter of the world’s total. Bin Laden
has urged such attacks to hurt the flow of oil to the West.

William Amos on May 10, 2007 at 8:42 PM

I hope Sarkosy backs regarding Syria. It would dove tail nicely.
Not like the ducks ass job that Polosi did.

It also would be nice to see some real hard economic warfare against both Syria and Iran.

With Iran, I would heavily discount all womens western clothing, especially Condi Stiletto boots! Oh, and throw in some Victoria Secret outfits and that’s War Baby! Bring It On!

Kini on May 10, 2007 at 8:44 PM

Pelosi’s and Rice’s Syrian outreach program set to pay big dividends

Those would be the same sort of dividends that Carter wrought in Iran and Clinton got in North Korea. I get it. I get it.

Mojave Mark on May 10, 2007 at 9:22 PM

I believe the Bible to be the Word of God. So does this surprise me? No, Do You also see the build up of arms on all three sides of Israel at this very moment? It may be days, weeks or years but the Enemies of Israel WILL attack Her, the Bible says so in Ezekiel 38. When they do attack Israel, Almighty God Himself will defend Her. This WILL happen.
a good book to explain this is EPICENTER

God Bless

abinitioadinfinitum on May 10, 2007 at 9:30 PM

Oh, and throw in some Victoria Secret outfits and that’s War Baby! Bring It On!

If VS and Fredricks donated all their last year’s undies and bras to an effort to airlift them–then drop it all–over the really strict islamic countries…whoo hoo! Sounds like the perfect tax deduction to me, and if you added all overstock penthouse (and worse) to the mix? Yeah. Oh yeah. If pron is going to corrupt and bring about the downfall of any culture at all, I can’t think of a more deserving candidate.

Bob's Kid on May 10, 2007 at 10:32 PM

But now we have dialogue. We are using diplomacy. We are engagingthem. Kumbaya.

How dumb can it get.

petefrt on May 10, 2007 at 11:09 PM

I’m really starting to get irritated with these people going all around the world making us look like Marty Fufkin from Spinal Tap.

“Please, please, would you just kick my @ss?”

Viewtifulgare on May 10, 2007 at 11:37 PM

So the Party of Trial Lawyers wants to sue for peace.

Nope, no surprise there.

CliffHanger on May 10, 2007 at 11:38 PM