Somalian Al Qaeda leaders survived airstrike

posted at 9:11 am on January 11, 2007 by Allahpundit

I figured it was too good to be true. It was. Just one more pebble for bad-news mountain.

You’ll rarely go wrong betting on pessimism, especially when it comes to this subject.

Update: Having learned nothing from Clinton’s failure to aggressively pursue Bin Laden, the DUers lament Chimpy McHitlerburton’s gunship rodeo.

Update: Well, this helps ease the blow.

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Gee…because we sent them a box of chocolates and the embeds delivered it FIRST?

seejanemom on January 11, 2007 at 9:15 AM

If at first you don’t succeed….

TugboatPhil on January 11, 2007 at 9:22 AM

Well we did kill 10! Not bad for a nights work!

Dread Pirate Roberts VI on January 11, 2007 at 9:35 AM

I question the timing.

vcferlita on January 11, 2007 at 9:50 AM

A good article on whats going on there.

Sven on January 11, 2007 at 10:07 AM

Sven on January 11, 2007 at 10:12 AM

Just like with Bin Hidin(for years now), I err on the side of we either have him boxed in or sitting at room temperature. The WaPo and condition of anonymity? There are two sources I don’t trust and have no faith in their shoddy, biased reporting. Plus there is always the “disinformation” campaign that is part and parcel in operations such as these. If we release that Mo Farookie has joined Saddam in Hotel Jihadifornia, then perhaps he’ll relax and put in himself in the cross-hairs for the real kill-shot. Either way, this idiot is either hiding or checking in with his new roomates for a “hell” of a time.

Think about this for a sec. What if we had released the info of Bin Ladens death in early 2003? What do you suppose the reaction of the American(idol) people would have been? My guess is that with our short attention span and a political party bent on quitting, there would have been poll after poll showing the people wanting our troops home and for us to declare victory. My guess has been for years that there is a better than 50/50 shot that Osama has bought the farm. Why would we confirm his death? The left will say the war is over bring everyone home and the jihadis will claim another martyr and another call to jihad. The only possible purpose releasing any info could serve is to fool the intended target, to get him to ease back into public view for the bullet or bomb with his name on it. That’s my take anyhow…..

ritethinker on January 11, 2007 at 10:26 AM

I’m not surprised. They probably had their fleeing minions gather in that little burg, setting them up to act as a decoy and letting them get thoroughly waxed by Spooky while the brave & noble leaders scampered across into Kenya.

It fits my mental picture of these mooks to a tee.

mojo on January 11, 2007 at 10:40 AM

All I can say is:
If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
They cannot hide forever.

MITX on January 11, 2007 at 11:10 AM

The MSM is already doing a happy dance over this one.

Timber Wolf on January 11, 2007 at 12:07 PM

What if we had released the info of Bin Ladens death in early 2003?…

ritethinker on January 11, 2007 at 10:26 AM

The media and DUers would have reacted exactly as they did to the deaths of: Uday and Kusai, Zarquawi, Saddam and will to the one of Castro.

If you kill them they lament, if you don’t you’re an idiot. Consider the source and let’s all be glad they don’t hold positions of considerable influence, yet.

Entelechy on January 11, 2007 at 1:16 PM

1. It is actually not that important that the “big 3” weren’t killed (if that is what happened). As Ralph Peters put it:

WE’LL get you. No matter how long it takes, we’ll get you. That’s the message our special-operations forces just sent to al Qaeda fugitives in Somalia – and everywhere else. Terrorizing Terrorists,

That’s the message sent.

Peters makes another point:

But even apart from the number of fanatics now lying dead in mango swamps, snake-ridden forests and scrubland, the psychological blow to al Qaeda has been huge: Mired in Iraq and hunkered down in remote rat-holes in Pakistan, Terror International, Inc. has been robbed of its biggest success story since 9/11.

The Islamists lost their vital beach-head in the Horn of Africa. Even Sudan, for all its villainy, is wary of associating with al Qaeda today (Khartoum has enough problems).

As for liberals (spit!) and Democrats (spit-spit!) and the DU-ers (pissing on them!) who are whining about our actually daring to use force to hunt these animals down, BOO, FREAKING, HOO!

Life’s too short to care about what traitors think.

georgej on January 11, 2007 at 4:48 PM

I’m confused! I thought America was the most Unjust and Liars. Islam is having a problem keeping their message of hate consistent. Let’s get it right, America is the Great Satin. There can only be one.

Egfrow on January 11, 2007 at 5:25 PM

Yeah, well, they said the same thing about Zarqawi and we got HIS ass!

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” – Robert Bruce (King Robert 1, Scotland)

Tony737 on January 12, 2007 at 12:28 AM