US/Iraq Joint Operations

posted at 9:36 am on January 5, 2007 by Bryan

The Digital Video and Imagery Distribution System

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DVIDS are the REAL news films the MSM should be using, not tired staged Rueters slog.

MY Hunky Husband was in several DVIDS while he was in Iraq. I’d rather see HIS face on the nightly news than NANCY’S UGLY MUG.

seejanemom on January 5, 2007 at 9:42 AM


You were GREAT on ANDREW WILKOW…the New Media is on the rise!!!!

seejanemom on January 5, 2007 at 9:45 AM

This is the kind of stories which should be on the nightly news. Not stories of some interrogator squatting over a Koran. But ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN/etc…. will never-ever show it – and that, more then anything, shows their bias and alligence to the terrorists.

God bless them and keep them safe.

CrazyFool on January 5, 2007 at 10:23 AM

“Encouraging”, “Amazing”..that is our guys talking about the Iraqi Police and Army..wait..I thought it was hopeless..I thought these people were incapable of achieving such milestones. OH WAIT..I’m sorry..I was listening to Dems and not the guys actually THERE. Mea Culpa.

labwrs on January 5, 2007 at 11:53 AM

Thank you for showing this.

flagwaver on January 5, 2007 at 12:01 PM

What REAL news reporting is all about.

Kini on January 5, 2007 at 12:43 PM

I know the MSM isn’t playing this, but maybe Dan Rather will show it. (spewing coffee on my screen)
I crack myself up sometimes.

oakpack on January 5, 2007 at 12:57 PM

Great Vent Michelle!

We need to see more of the Army’s story of how things are going instead of politcal propaganda put out by most components of the MSM.

omegaram on January 5, 2007 at 1:04 PM

Can’t wait to see more of that.

One Angry Christian on January 5, 2007 at 4:53 PM

Thank you so much Michelle.

The website you provided in the link is FULL of wonderful stories that prove the situation in Iraq isn’t all doom and gloom as the Left and MSM would have us believe.

Yakko77 on January 5, 2007 at 4:54 PM

Fantastic Vent God speed and safe return for you and our troops. I wish this was on the MSM but that is like Pelosi’s working together with openess with the Republicans. We can all hope and pray that our men get the help they need and the coverage gets out to the people back home, so they are not misled by the Dem’s or MSM.

bones47 on January 5, 2007 at 5:54 PM

Outstanding Vent! The MSM believes that if they don’t show it, it doesn’t exist. It is good to see the promise of the information age bearing fruit. If the media outlets won’t get this information out, then by golly we will do it ourselves!

Hey, anyone have “public access” cable? You might see if you can put together a weekly news program and get some of these aired to a wider audience!

crosspatch on January 5, 2007 at 9:34 PM

2/505, that’s my old battalion. I was in A Co, though.

JasonG on January 6, 2007 at 1:06 AM

The scary part is that there are people in this country AND even in elected office that get sick to their stomachs when they are faced with the wonderful progress in Iraq. They derive their power and status by fomenting the idea that Iraq is an umitegated disaster. Their hopes for more death and instabity in that country is sickening to say the least.

No one could have convinced me that such traitorous americans existed until I visited the Huffpo site. At first I thought they were just being argumentitive, but it became clear as time went on that these people ACTUALLY believe this stuff. God help us all if the moonbats ever get all they wish for.

I hope the dvids video’s make it into the MSM. I going to do my part by linking to it on myspace and every email I send out.

csdeven on January 6, 2007 at 1:48 AM

Outstanding. There is no reason in the world why our formerly Mainstream Media couldn’t show part or all of these vids. If they wanted to maintain their precious “objectivity,” they could add the words “Department of Defense” video somewhere.

Not showing or reporting the turnover of a province to Iraqi troop control, as was shown in the latter portion, is irresponsible and negligent.

Tom Blumer on January 6, 2007 at 1:53 AM

The DVIDS mission is to serve as a turnkey operation that facilitates requests for Public Affairs video, audio, still imagery and print products; coordinates interviews with soldiers and commanders in a combat zone and provides an archive for ongoing operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

What REAL news reporting is all about.

Kini on January 5, 2007 at 12:43 PM


Thanks for the link Mrs Malkin. I’ve been looking for a source of good news since this war began. Mind, I suppose I’ll be getting a lot less bad news coming out of there, seeing as how the flow of “unofficial” information out of Iraq is being criminalized, and that thanks to and in no small way your crusade against the Associated Press. So I guess I have you to thank for that too. Everyone knows, no news is better than bad news, or something like that. I’ll bet the reporters on the ground aren’t as grateful as I am though.

Just out of interest, do you have any concern for Captain Jamil Hussein, knowing now that the Mahdi Army `(see “muqtada, muqtada, muqtada” posted here on Hot Air) is running the show in Iraq now, and may be detaining him? And do you regret posting this, or at least see the irony?

THeDRiFTeR on January 6, 2007 at 9:52 AM deserves a link on everyone’s blogroll.

I am adding it to mine. Might even work on a special sidebar graphic to give it the blog bling status it deserves.

seejanemom on January 6, 2007 at 2:16 PM

We need to get Michelle one of these t-shirts

E L Frederick (Sniper One) on January 6, 2007 at 2:42 PM