Democrats and the military

posted at 8:01 am on November 1, 2006 by Bryan

Kerry insults the troops
Kennedy and the KGB *Part 2
Durbin smears the troops
Murray praises Osama

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But if we keep beating this, eventually, people are gonna get sick of it, and start thinking “give it a rest” and that we are obsessing over something too long. They will start thinking “Heck, Kerry already apologized, but the republicans just won’t drop it.

I think we’re willing to drop it, but the Libs just can’t! Every five minutes on TV tonight another Lib is on either defending the “botched joke” theory, or restating the “apology” just in case anyone missed it.

I mean, jeez, they can’t let this die until they have redeemed their dear Lurch.

BacaDog on November 1, 2006 at 9:35 PM

Dittos on all those “good/great/excellent vent” comments, Michelle. How anyone can be such a gentile beacon yet shed such a brilliant light upon the truth amazes me.

Kerry needs to be expelled from the Senate. He has a voice in declaring war, and his disdain for our troops casts a shadow upon any decision he might make in that regard.


woodcdi on November 1, 2006 at 9:40 PM

Amen, Alyce. I think there are a lot of people who would stand in line to kick his sorry butt around.

StephC on November 1, 2006 at 9:43 PM

He’s definitely living in his own special imaginary world.
Well, sure. He calls it “Massachusetts.” And it is definitely both imaginary and very, very special.

Frankly, what I think is far more interesting than whether Kerry meant it or not … is the liberal reaction to his comments. They seem divided into two camps that cannot logically come together:

1) It was indeed a slip of the tongue (which I agree with – although I think a shrink would suggest he might meant it at some level); or
2) Hey, he’s just telling the truth – the military is full of uneducated losers, so Kerry’s just doin’ the “truth to power” thing.

So which is it, liberals? Did he mean it – or didn’t he? He can’t both have NOT meant it – and be speaking the unvarnished truth. So which is it?

Perhaps he meant it before he didn’t mean it before he meant it about the president before he didn’t mean it about the military who are now serving.

The scary part is that there could be more.

At this rate, Kerry will be the best weapon the RNC has ever had to win elections.

Emmett J. on November 1, 2006 at 10:12 PM

Kerry should resign. Not that that is going to happen any time soon!

Neocon Peg on November 1, 2006 at 10:33 PM

Thanks for covering the Kennedy-help-Carter-against-his-country story. It’s not mentioned on the MSM at all, shamefully.

Michelle’s reporting great. Bryan’s work to make it happen, superb.

Entelechy on November 2, 2006 at 12:18 AM

Spectacular Vent Michelle! You are so right on, so current, with examples of how the Left subverts American interests for their own benefit. I say again, the biggest problem we face is our own Left and their undermining this great Nation they do not seem to want to support.

Michelle gave such a perfect presentation of how the Left is so subversive, partisan, and seems to think nothing of acts of treason against the United States I am amazed. I seem to see the Left so clearly as our biggest single problem and Michelle gives specific examples in her absolutely perfect reporting and commentary.

My tour of military duty was Vietnam era and I still remember “Hanoi Jane”, the Left throwing cows blood on soldiers in the Pentagon who were serving to protect them from the likes of a Stalinist Soviet Union, of the radical left pissing (literally) on the spitshined boots of Airborne soldiers who should be admired to this day for not ripping such demonstrators heads off before they knew what happened.

I remember the fury of soldiers who returned from the horrors and hell of war, wounded, proud of their service performed in an honorable fashion under adverse circumstances, of recovering from many near death experiences, of having seen their comrades killed, maimed, and disfigured being insulted, ridiculed, and abused by the Radical Left who to this day I believe do not understand their service and sacrifice.

There are those that after their Honorable Service was completed would have never considered serving such a culture dominated by the ungrateful, ignorant, and just plain stupid Left in a time when the Soviet was so close to initiaing a campaign of World Conquest.

Today public support is much stronger for the military who serve us than in the Vietnam era but the Left is still our biggest problem. The Left as illustrated in this vent is aid and comfort the enemy, a hinderance and subversive element to the war effort, and seems to think nothing of treason if it benefits their own partisan interests.

Our enemies do not need to win military victories, they just need to pander to the Left who will loose a war or conflict from behind the brave soldiers making the sacrifices to protect our nation. Our losses are not due to military defeats, they are due to political subversion by the Left that refuses to support the Armed Forces of the United States.

Spectacular Vent Michelle! You have addressed the single biggest problem the United States faces in the Iraq War, in combating the Islamofacist, and in any effort to protect the national interest. Bravo Michelle!

omegaram on November 2, 2006 at 12:44 AM

EXCELLENT! One of the best VENTS ever!

Kerry needs to resign.

petefrt on November 2, 2006 at 12:44 AM

Kerry and Kennedy… or as they are known to children everywhere… Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee (or is that Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber?)

RalphyBoy on November 2, 2006 at 1:29 AM

I wanted to add some witty comment…. But I think my girl Michelle said it all.

R D on November 2, 2006 at 1:51 AM

Thank you Michelle. We appreciate you sticking up for us.

Fort Campbell, KY

BadBrad on November 2, 2006 at 1:23 PM