Martyrdom videos found on at least six laptops owned by UK terror suspects

posted at 6:49 pm on August 18, 2006 by Allahpundit

Says the AP. Not Osama’s greatest hits, either; according to the Beeb, they appear to have been made by the suspects themselves.

Ace puts Sullivan’s head back in the toilet and flushes, but martyrdom videos might not necessarily prove imminence. My best guess as to when Shehzad Tanweer recorded his was February 2005; the London bombings didn’t happen until July. For various reasons, I suspect he and Mohammed Siddique Khan recorded theirs when they were in Pakistan; I’m curious to see if the suspects with videos in this case had also been there recently.

Speaking of video, it’s been four days since I’ve posted any here. Which ain’t good, considering that it’s one of the two ostensible purposes of this site — the other being, of course, to give me a platform from which to exchange flirtatious veiled messages with Mary K. Anyway, here’s an interview aired on CNN this afternoon with Abu Abdullah, a former head of the notorious Finsbury Park mosque and an Islamist so freakishly radical that British Muslims actually ran him out of there last year because of his extremism. He’s wanted in the U.S. for trying to organize terror camps in Oregon. In Londonistan, he’s free as a bird.

The martyrdom video of killer robot Shehzad Tanweer is here, in case you missed it in July.

Update: The British government’s all but given up.

Update: I misheard the CNN report. It’s Abu Hamza, Abdullah’s buddy, who’s wanted in the U.S. in connection with the terror camps. Sorry for the mix-up.

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So are you and this Ham chick going to hook up or what? It’d be nice to see somebody get laid off this blogging nonsense.

Just keep in mind, she’ll have to change her last name when we go under Sharia law.

Jim Treacher on August 18, 2006 at 7:34 PM

So are you and this Ham chick going to hook up or what? It’d be nice to see somebody get laid off this blogging nonsense.

Happens more often than you’d think, from what I understand.

Allahpundit on August 18, 2006 at 7:38 PM

“Whoah… what a guy”

I think Wolf Blitzer has seen some of the worst of the worst along with other “in the trenches” media reporters during their careers, and even he has to make an exclaimation about this loon.

Also, Wolf Blitzer is a really cool name :)

SilverStar830 on August 18, 2006 at 7:40 PM

Please tell me someone is tapping this a-hole’s phone.

By the way, Blitzer’s reaction was hilarious at the very end: “Whoa, what a guy.”. Lol. They’ll have to include that on the highlight real at the next Xmas party along with when he said that the Katrina victims were “are so poor and they are so black“.

RightWinged on August 18, 2006 at 7:44 PM

This is what we have come to. A Rasputin style nutcase sitting in a no doubt air-conditioned studio being calmnly interviewed by someone he would probably like to behead.

entagor on August 18, 2006 at 9:00 PM

They’re animals. Political correctness has essentially stagnated human evolution where it’s survival of the fittest. PC has allowed the scum to not only survive, but flourish.

darwin on August 18, 2006 at 9:56 PM

Muslims in Britain…

They’re sick of the West, they’re sick of the West. They owe this country nothing.

Then leave, immediately!!!! Sorry Allah (our pundit), but I’m going to say, banned or not, that creatures like this one deserve one of those ummanned vehicles with a bomb which gets them front- or sideways, so they can see it coming!!! They practically ask for one!

Entelechy on August 18, 2006 at 10:41 PM

I know your heart is all a-twitter, Allah, and probably dulling your perceptions, but it’s Abu Hamza al-Masri that is wanted in the US for trying to set up terror camps in Oregon, not Abu “Half-Amish” Abdullah (it’s in the video). From the Wikipedia entry on the other Abu:

On 27 May 2004, Abu Hamza was detained by British authorities and is to appear before magistrates in the start of a process to extradite him to the United States, where he has been named in an indictment of participating with Earnest James Ujaama in his attempt to establish a terrorist training camp in late 1999 and early 2000 near Bly, Oregon, and providing aid to al-Qaeda.

insomni on August 18, 2006 at 10:59 PM

Whoops. Good catch, insomni. Thanks.

Allahpundit on August 18, 2006 at 11:01 PM

Is that Kojak’s evil twin?

speed647 on August 18, 2006 at 11:44 PM

Yeah, they had made their martyrdom videos, but you know, they hadn’t even bought their plane tickets yet or made any explosives, so it wasn’t really “imminent”, right?

Allah, I don’t blame you for getting your Abus mixed up. Could happen to anybody!

Lehuster on August 19, 2006 at 12:13 AM

Regarding that IHT article:

For years the government has been trying to engage the country’s 1.6 million Muslims, and for years it has appeared to lurch from committee to committee, initiative to initiative and strategy to strategy without much to show for its troubles. And, even as it has poured money into Muslim community centers, state-run Muslim schools and local Muslim programs, it has had little success in winning over an increasingly skeptical Muslim population.

Endlessly try, try, try to kiss their asses, and STILL they totally hate you! Yet Blair wants to keep trying. Tony, don’t you know that to keep doing something that doesn’t work is a recipe for defeat?

many Muslims, say the problem comes not only from the government’s failure to follow through on myriad initiatives, but also from its inability to understand the complexities of Britain’s Muslim population.

Complexities? They live in a nice country, they have all kinds of benefits and opportunities, where’s the “complexity”? If they’re unable to handle the complexity of the UK, send their asses back to Egypt, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia where life is simple.

David Davis, the home affairs spokesman for the opposition Conservative Party, said via e-mail. “What it seems less willing, or equipped, to do is the grinding, difficult work of eradicating the root causes of this home-grown cancer in our society.”

This is a CONSERVATIVE saying this??? What kind of conservative is that? Conservatives don’t talk about “root causes”, that’s liberal talk, mister!

So much for the party of Thatcher. The Labor Party recipe: we must address the root causes with many expensive programs. The Conservative Response: they are not trying hard enough, we need more efforts to address the root causes with many expensive programs. What a devastating rebuttal from the opposition! Gee, it’s obvious who to vote for, now.

“The government well knows the opinions of the Muslim community, and it’s not going to make a blind bit of difference, so why bother?”

Welcome to the club, sucker. The government doesn’t give a shit about the opinions of the white, law-abiding, tax-paying community, either.

The roots of Muslim alienation, and of Britain’s inability to address it, go back to the 1960s, when thousands of men from rural Pakistan and Bangladesh moved to Britain to take jobs in the textile mills of the north…. The government has tried and discarded any number of approaches in response.

Ever try the “not letting them in” approach? No? Hmmm.

Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, suggested that multiculturalism should be replaced with an emphasis on “common values.”

Put all the lipstick you want on the multi-culti pig, and it remains a pig.

The Home Office began holding citizenship ceremonies for immigrants and said it would begin requiring new citizens to take tests on British culture and traditions.

Oh yeah, some lame tests devised by a Leftist functionary, that’s really going to help the Pakis fit right in. One wonders what would emerge from a U.S. government effort to create a test on “American culture and traditions” – I am sure the result would be utterly nauseating.

“I profoundly disagree that the problem here is that the government hasn’t acted,” Blair told a parliamentary committee last month. “You cannot defeat this extremism through what a government does. You can only defeat it within a community.”

Translation: We’re done. Everybody stay off the subways and the airplanes if you know what’s good for you.

You were warned, but you didn’t listen.

Lehuster on August 19, 2006 at 12:40 AM

The religion of Peace, my ass !!

gary on August 19, 2006 at 7:52 AM

Radical Christians do things like build hospitals and schools.
Radical Muslims do things like hurt, maim, and kill.

Which would you rather have in your neighborhood?

Mojave Mark on August 19, 2006 at 12:11 PM

Yeah, Wolf.. “woah, what a guy.”

Hey Wolf how about “woah, what a jackass!” I hope that tape gets turned over to Tony Blair’s office, and if the State Dept. hasn’t put him on their “most wanted” list after seeing that, they’re further behind the curve than I’m comfortable with.

MsUnderestimated on August 19, 2006 at 9:46 PM

So what *does* the Koran say?

“Christians, Jews & Pagans are your enemy. They are cows to be slaughtered at your will. Kill them, rape their women & take them for a harrum, and enslave their children.”

“You do not have to tell them (Christians, Jews & Pagans) the truth.”

“Lie in wait in their land until you have the numbers, then rise up and conquer them for Allah.”

The above is obviously paraphrased, but is *not* taken out of context…….

So, who is the real enemy? A small band of zealots who have highjacked a peaceful religion, or a religion bent on world conquest by the sword?

…..We report, you decide!


VonHelton on August 21, 2006 at 11:59 AM