Electionblogging: Lieberman vs. Lamont, Johnson vs. McKinney (Drudge calls it for Lamont) (Lieberman concedes, will run as independent) (McKinney loses — and sings!) (Video of speeches added)

posted at 4:00 pm on August 8, 2006 by Allahpundit

I wasn’t planning to open this thread for another three hours but Karol sent me something so sweet, I had to share before we got scooped.

Consider this an open thread for all things related to Liebs and the Freshmaker or Hank Johnson and Jihad Cindy. Exit polls and results will be posted here later too. And we’re still accepting predictions. But in the meantime, enjoy politics the way it ought to be. I’d like to tell you that the fat guy with the chair-throwing problem is the Democrat and the mafioso type is the Republican.

I’d like to. But I can’t.

Click the image to watch.


Update: Faced with the prospect of an ascendant nutroots, Rick Moran escapes into fantasy.

Update: “That’s right, and I’ll touch you again, if you do it again.” Mitigating factor: it wasn’t a cop this time.

Update: We have our first Kos TV appearance of the night, courtesy of — who else? — Keith Olbermann. Kos bete noire Dean Barnett reports.

Update: First returns in Connecticut:

U.S. Senator
Candidate Party Votes
Joseph Lieberman Dem 1,188
Ned Lamont Dem 1,747

And in Georgia, with 8% reporting:

Candidate Votes Vote %
Hank Johnson 1514 74%
Cynthia McKinney (I) 537 26%

Update: Connecticut 8:36 p.m.:

Joseph Lieberman Dem 4,586
Ned Lamont Dem 6,814

Update: 8:51. I’m officially nervous:

Ned Lamont 12,236 56%
Joe Lieberman 9,535 44%

Update: 8:53. CT site used to post election results is down.

Update (Ian): 8:58. GA results still sluggish:

Hank Johnson 2126 74%
Cynthia McKinney 745 26%

Update: 9:03. 17% in. Can no one hear my cries?

Ned Lamont 29,463 56%
Joe Lieberman 22,898 44%

Carl Cameron on Fox says they might call it for the Freshmaker soon.

Update: 9:13 p.m. A full 25% reporting.

Ned Lamont 40,044 55%
Joe Lieberman 32,575 45%

Update: 9:32 p.m. 38% in.

Ned Lamont 61,449 54%
Joe Lieberman 53,159 46%

Update (Ian): 9:33. Chris Matthews called Lamont very “calm”, “casual”, and not “that bad”. On the other hand, Lieberman is a “schmaltzy ethnic guy”. Geez, Chris, could you make it any clearer?

Update: Is Liebs closing the gap?? 9:37 p.m., 50% in:

Ned Lamont 69,466 52%
Joe Lieberman 64,056 48%

Update (Ian): 9:40 p.m., 16% in, a boost for McKinney:

Hank Johnson 3384 64%
Cynthia McKinney 1876 36%

Update (Ian): 9:43 p.m., AP reports Lamont leads Lieberman 52% to 48% with 55% reporting.

Update: 64% in, and Joe’s closing the gap!

Lamont, Ned 89,814 51.60%
Lieberman, Joe (i) 84,231 48.40%

Update: Drudge has the siren up and says “Lieberman on the brink.” He’s only 3% down, but he’s running out of precincts. The bright side is, this pretty much ensures an independent run.

That’s not the only bright side. 35% reporting in Georgia:

Hank Johnson 11255 61%
Cynthia McKinney (I) 7062 39%

Update: Drudge has the “Winner” asterisk up next to Lamont’s name.

Update: 84% reporting. Just as I predicted:

Ned Lamont 120,616 52%
Joe Lieberman 111,887 48%

Update: 52% reporting in Georgia and Hank’s still hammering McK:

Hank Johnson 17907 58%
Cynthia McKinney (I) 12934 42%

Update: 68% reporting in Georgia and Johnson’s margin is holding. 87% reporting in Connecticut and so is Ned Lamont’s.

Update: Lieberman called Lamont to concede the election. He’s speaking now. We’ll have video soon.

Update: NBC in Atlanta calls it for Hank Johnson.

Update: Here’s video of Hank Johnson’s victory speech. It worked fine for me in IE but not Firefox. It’ll be a little bit before we have video of Lieberman’s non-concession, but stick around. It’s worth it.

I’ll have video of the Freshmaker in ten minutes or so.

Update: Final margin — Lamont, 52-48. Allah’s prediction ten hours ago — Lamont, 52-48.

That’s how the pros do it, baby.

Update: I knew someone was going to write a post like this. Heh.

Update: Here’s the empty suit who just won the Connecticut primary delivering what must be the first victory speech in history to begin with a call for retreat. Repulsive.

Goldstein thinks he saw a familiar face in the crowd.

Update: No video of the McKinney concession yet, but it sounds like it was a barnburner:

In a bizarre end to her reelection campaign, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney gathered her supporters around her and attempted to sing along to a song by Pink and the Indigo Girls called “Dear Mr. President.”

“Let me tell you about hard work, minimum wage with a baby on the way,” McKinney sang out as the song played in the background. Eventually, McKinney conceded the race at 12:36 a.m. with one sentence: “I wish the new representative of the 4th Congressional District well.”

Update (Ian): 8/9 1:47 a.m.: Lieberman concession speech:

Update (Ian): 8/9 3:17 a.m.: McKinney implies the race was stolen in her concession speech. Mind you, she lost by 16%, 5,000 votes, with very low turnout.

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Just heard Ned having his cult members supporters chant in unison “63 … 63 … 63”, as a reminder that there are 63 lobbyists in Washington for every member of congress.

This coming from a sleaze who’s candidacy was primarily funded by every left wing looney group this side of Kos, and from contributions coming from all 50 states for a senator running in Conn. Ned should mind his tongue. He’s demonstrated himself to be the recipient of a boatload of “lobbying” funds before he even gets to the Senate.

We need not worry however, Neddy will never make it to the halls of congress.

fogw on August 9, 2006 at 2:22 PM

As we Repubs in CT know all too well, this is a blue state..period.

With this in mind, we know for a fact that a vote for the GOP candidate IS a vote for Lamont.

MANY of us, therefore, not wishing to throw our votes away, and especially not wanting a commie elected, wil vote JOE this fall.

Somewhere a man named Rove is quetly smiling……

Joe might not be right on many issues, but if the war on terror isn’t fought hard and to it’s end, all the other issues won’t matter, since we’ll all be dead.

Jimmyboy1 on August 9, 2006 at 2:35 PM

Lieberman is pure class. As pompus as the far left are today they will be deflated come November when a man who many used to feel should have been Dem VP today is still in the Senate as a Independant. Savor that victory in advance.
Connecticut voters. The eyes of the nation are upon you.

RobCon on August 9, 2006 at 4:56 PM

I agree 100% with Jimmyboy1’s post.
I voted for Senator Lieberman Tuesday and I will vote for him again in November.

Abigail Adams on August 10, 2006 at 10:08 AM