Rice: Working toward failure

posted at 10:15 am on July 31, 2006 by Bryan

The Bush administration is off the rails.

JERUSALEM (AP) — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Monday she will seek international consensus for a cease-fire and a “lasting settlement” in the conflict between Lebanon and Israel through a U.N. Security Council resolution this week.

“I am convinced that only by achieving both will the Lebanese people be able to control their country and their future, and the people of Israel finally be able to live free of attack from terrorist groups in Lebanon,” Rice told reporters here before departing for Washington.

Rice is making a category error here, misidentifying the problem and therefore pursuing the wrong solution. She’s not alone in that–the entire deluded world is making the same error, and it’s this: This is not and never was a war between Israel and Lebanon. It is a war between Israel and Iran and Syria, with Hezbollah as the proxy for the latter two and Lebanon being the battlefield chosen by them. Lebanon is hostage to Hezbollah, and like many hostages it has developed an affinity for its brutal captor.

Until our leaders correct their perception of the battle in Lebanon, they will continue to pursue the wrong solution. They may well get their cease-fire, but it will be a fiction, and unless Iran and Syria are directly held to account, the real architects of this war will get away with their war crimes.

The sad fact is, as President Bush has shown numerous times over the past few weeks, the administration is well aware that Iran and Syria are directing this war from afar. But equally sad, the administration lacks the courage to push for a solution that punishes Iran and Syria. This is a massive failure of nerve, and will only embolden the mullahs and madmen in charge of those two bully states.

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Or possibly, it is a matter of waiting for the political opportunity. To strike now would very likely cause an American political backlash, and the administration cannot very fight the war that needs to be fought if we have a Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reed blocking needed funds. Let’s see what November brings.

Hopefully, they recognize there is only one of these battles that really needs to be fought and that’s the one with Iran. Syria will tuck tail and run back to the Arabic side, if Iran is getting properly drubbed. And Saudia Arabia, now fearing growing Persian influence in the region, would keep Syria on a fairly tight leash until Iran is no longer a threat.

Mike O on July 31, 2006 at 10:38 AM

“This is not and never was a war between Israel and Lebanon. It is a war between Israel and Iran and Syria, with Hezbollah as the proxy for the latter two and Lebanon being the battlefield chosen by them.”

I’m sorry, but I must strongly dissagree. The “error” is in believing that Israel is at war with ANY government or nation. Israel is at war with a religion. Israel is at war with Islam and will always be. Until the world admits this, there can be no end. Lest you forget, a month ago the attacks were coming from Gaza and the Palestinians.

Although Iran and Syria may have larger interests guiding their actions at this point, the over-all guiding force behind this war is simply … Islam wants Jews dead and will never stop.

This war should be conducted on that principle, and crys for diplomatic solutions should be ignored.

SirGregor on July 31, 2006 at 11:03 AM

Spot on analysis in my opinion. I would only add that during the useless UN antics if the ‘civilian’ casualties are sorted out the hizzbonazis are being wiped out wholesale. Ya allah and all that and they are being flattenned. You won’t hear much about these successes from the Hizzbos beacause it doesn’t help their fund raising efforts, and you won’t hear it from Israel because they have to avoid the appearance of winning for Connie’s comrades.
Time to move the UN yet?

Reality Check on July 31, 2006 at 11:07 AM

Wow, I sure am glad that the author of the linked article had no bias towards one side of the conflict:

“Rice’s marathon effort at shuttle diplomacy was marked by frustration, but she did manage to win a suspension – at least for now – of the aerial bombing by Israel, which has killed and maimed scores of innocent Lebanese men, women and children.”

Let’s not mention the dirty little fact that brave Hezbollah fighters hide behind civilians and put them in harms way time after time, while launching rocket attacks against Israel civilians.

Sir Gregor wrote:

Israel is at war with a religion. Israel is at war with Islam and will always be. Until the world admits this, there can be no end.

Just had to quote that here because it cannot be repeated enough.

Islam is the enemy, and until it either reforms or dies, it will continue to be so.

thirteen28 on July 31, 2006 at 11:09 AM

I think the Bush Admin is setting up the UN and the world with the ““lasting settlement” clause. The UN can not do anything correctly, the Bush Admin knows this and knows who is funding this fight. So they’re telling the world what it wants to hear, while setting the UN up for failure. I hope they have a good plan ‘B’ for when this failure happens, and it will be soon. I HOPE!

shooter on July 31, 2006 at 11:14 AM

I agree with Shooter. No matter what America and Isreal do, the international community will hate us. They will do all in their power to block us. So instead we set things up the way they want it. And when, as history has proven time and again, the islamofascist break all the cease fires and promisses then maybe the world will see how blind they have been. At least they won’t be able to blame America, if it is the UN that creates the situation. My only hope is that Isreal survives this gambit. My only real regret is that the Isrealites will pay the price for the UN, and not Koffi Anan and the rest of his butchers.

Wyrd on July 31, 2006 at 11:21 AM

I still believe that the Iranians and Syria have timed this in connection with our election cycle that is coming up,thinking that our politicos will not have the nerve to do anything to jepeordize their voting blocs.I hope they have miscalculated and that we still have some elected officials with some nads.

bbz123 on July 31, 2006 at 11:26 AM

Well, you know, it’s –

Springtime for Islam and Shari’a,
Jihad is well on its way.
Terror for all those that we hate,
Look out, here comes the Caliphate.

Springtime for Islam and Shari’a
Winter for Christians and Jews
Springtime for Islam and Shari’a
Come on, Moslems, start your “we’re victims” ruse…..

Our image has been really evil, that’s why we have Al-Jazeera
Don’t be stupid, be a smarty, come and join Hizbollah’s party!

Springtime for Islam and Shari’a [gunfire]
Burqas the fashion once more [rocket sounds]
Beheadings fill the streets again, [screams]
Sinners can lose their feet again

Springtime for Islam and Shari’a
We have our nukes, bombs, and more
Springtime for Islam and Shari’a
means that soon we’ll be going, we’ve got to be going, you know we’ll be going to war!

And they are.

Compassionate Crank on July 31, 2006 at 12:42 PM

SirGregor and thirteen28, your clarification of Bryan’s great reportage, and reaffirmation (of thirteen28), is correct, except that Israel is not at war with anyone. She fights to survive. The islamofascists, and not Islam, are at war with Israel and wish for her demise, at any cost, taking any measures, any resources, tactics and time.

We have Pres. Jimmy Carter to thank for what ensued in Iran during his reign and thereafter and he and the left are completely oblivious to this fact. Syria isn’t that significant, especially with a weak leader like the doctor who inherited a state. Iran is the spring of all evil. However, not all the people in Iran.

Everyone who has commented so far, has valid points. We don’t need to test the validity of the U.N. further. They are worthless. Period. A private organization could distribute food and medicines much more effectively. Other than that they’re just a debating society which wastes a lot of money. Still, until it’s dissolved, we should keep the ‘devil’ in our midst.

The politics ahead of Nov. are very complex. The American people are not going to stomach meddling from Iran or any other country. Much will happen between now and then and we will all be surprised. One thing is for sure – we and Israel have no allies and should quit kidding ourselves. All diplomatic efforts are pro-forma.

Entelechy on July 31, 2006 at 12:49 PM

Winds of War: Shaping the Battlefield
Posted today at the Gathering Storm – http://the-gathering-storm.blogsource.com/

We’re losing the asymmetric war on terrorism. And in a perverse way, some good will come out of it. You’re probably thinking to yourself that I’m one sandwich short of a full picnic, but bear with me.

As I stated in yesterday’s post, asymmetric warfare is another name to guerilla warfare, freedom fighters, the resistance, or terrorism. It’s all one and the same – a military force that has the backing and support of the indigent population and/or has received material and financial support from other countries that use it as a de facto tool of their aggression. The current war that the Anglo-Saxon/Israeli forces are waging against the Islamists who use the jihadists as their military arm is an asymmetric war – and they are winning.

The Anglo-Saxon/Israeli forces are fighting this war alone. The other free democracies of the world are not willing to accept the fact that we are in the beginnings of a world war as the jihadists believe. Nothing new here. It happened he same way in the 1930s. While the world tried to accommodate the fascists regime demands of Germany, Italy and Japan, they in turn knew they were in world wide conflict with the democracies and acted accordingly. The UN can’t bring itself to define terrorism, China, Russia and France are making a profit selling weapons and military technology to the Islamic republics, the appeasers and apologists check the Anglo-Saxon/Israeli tactics at every turn, and the MSM keeps the people in the dark.

We’re on our way to losing Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon to the Islamists. That destiny has already been sealed with the two new constitutions in Iraq and Afghanistan that America and its allies agreed to (snatching defeat from the jaws of victory) and the next election in Lebanon that will usher Hezbollah into power. The Islamist Shiite agenda will then be in place.

The new constitutions of Iraq and Afghanistan states clearly that no law can be contrary to the beliefs and provisions of the sacred religion of Islam. Sharia Law will rule over any and all laws passed by the democratic assembly in those countries. As for Lebanon, the end result of the current conflict between Israel and Hezbollah has made Hezbollah stronger and more popular that ever which will end with Hezbollah gaining majority power when next year’s elections are held in Lebanon.

The end result will be the realization of Iran’s (and Al Quaeda’s) dream. To create an Islamic Shiite Empire that spreads from Pakistan to the Mediterranean, and eventual return of the Caliphate. We could assume that Iranian President Ahmadinejad and Mullah Omar just might compete for that honor. Syria, being Sunni, will eventually fall to Iran’s plans and the more ‘moderate’ Islamic nations in North Africa and Indonesia will have to make their decisions on whether to join this new Islamic alliance.

These developments, in a perverse way is good for the final struggle against Islamism for it will shape the coming battlefield and identify clearly the enemy in the world war to come. The Islamists will no longer be able to hide behind its asymmetric warfare which we can’t to defeat for the reasons stated above, and move the conflict into a traditional conventional war where we can use our military might to win.

The question is how will this conventional war begin? That has yet to be determined. Will it be a nuclear attack by Iran on Israel? Will this new Shiite Islamic Alliance oust the sheikdoms of the Arabian peninsula and gain control of the oil fields forcing Europe’s, America’s and Japan’s hand? Will China sit still for Europe ‘protecting’ the oil fields of the Mid-East or will this create an even wider and more deadly war with China?

The future looks grim.

WC on July 31, 2006 at 7:16 PM