Friday night fights

posted at 6:39 pm on July 28, 2006 by Allahpundit

1. Bolton versus Kerry. Ian has video. You know you’re a dork when a snarky partisan exchange about the merits of bilateral negotiations gets your blood up. Well, mine’s up. This is fun, too:

Bolton’s wife, Gretchen, followed her husband’s lead by emanating disrespect for her husband’s critics. Sitting just behind him, she wore sunglasses for much of the hearing, in an apparent response to the room’s lighting. When Democratic Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts began to speak, she started doodling a large “X” on a piece of paper, while muffling scornful chuckles that appeared to emphasize her opinion of the one-time presidential candidate.

Alan Dershowitz says he’s the right man at the right time.

2. DOJ versus leakers. Russ Tice, the former NSA analyst who helped expose the warrantless wiretapping program, has been subpoenaed and will be on the hot seat before a federal grand jury on August 2 as part of the government’s leak investigation. Tice has admitted to being one of Risen’s and Lichtblau’s sources for the big Times expose in December 2005. Never, he says, has his dissent felt more crushed.

3. DOD versus WMD skepticism. Captain Ed showcases the latest memo rescued from the Iraqi intel document dump, this one with the subject line “we have information about the location of Mass Destruction Weapons.” I don’t want to spoil it, but truck convoys, payoffs, and Syria all figure prominently. Fascinating reading, although I think I’m beyond the point of being convinced. Like Colbert with his faulty gaydar, I’ve been burned too many times.

4. Olbermann versus credibility. Another post in the mold of Patterico on Greenwald that destroys its target not by breaking new ground but by burying him under the weight of ground that’s already been broken. Chock full of linky goodness.

5. The Minutemen versus moonbats — and Reuters — at Ground Zero. Jim Gilchrist and company held a rally at the Trade Center site on Wednesday to kick off his book tour. Protesters initially confined themselves to waving signs about the “MinuteKlan,” but when Gilchrist started taking questions from the press, they broke through the barricades and started shoving people — including Gilchrist’s wife.

Reuters reporter Michelle Nichols naturally blamed the whole thing on the Minutemen:

Members of the Minuteman Project, which patrols the U.S.-Mexican border for illegal immigrants, pushed and shoved members of an immigrant rights group that showed up at the event.

Gilchrist wouldn’t let her get away with it, though, and complained for the next two days. And what do you know — this afternoon the offending paragraph was corrected.

Now if only someone would correct the guy who’s quoted as being appalled at the suggestion of a link between 9/11 and illegal immigration.

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I can understand it when politicians get questions they aren’t expecting and say some regretable things off the cuff, but you have to think Kerry put some thought into those questions. Which makes you wonder how stupid that bastard is to bring up Clinton when talking about negotiations with NK?

B Moe on July 28, 2006 at 8:54 PM

I’m convinced that being bitchslapped really doesn’t phase Kerry that much anymore.

Hoodlumman on July 28, 2006 at 9:11 PM

Re: “3. DOD versus WMD skepticism.”

Josef Bodansky, the former Director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, in his book The Secret History of the Iraq War, reported the transfer of WMD to Syria that Captain Ed refers to.

Specifically, on page 231 he writes:

“On April 5, Saddam again faild to show up for an advertised address on Iraqi TV. Instead, an announcer read a message. While heavy artillery fire resumed that night on the airport compound, the anticpated Iraqi ground offensive failed to materialize. Russina intelligence sources reported, however, that a group from the Republican Guard and other units of the regular army from the Tikrit area made their way to syria in a daring operation including three hundred tanks, one hundrad GRAD multiple-barrel rocket launders (MBRLs), many of which had chemical warheads, and many other weapons systems, including Iraq’s entire WMD arsenal. Lebanese sources with access to eastern Syria confirmed the arrival of the column.”

and on pages 438 439:

In these high-level contacts, the former Iraqi senior officials grudgingly acknowledged that Saddam was not likely to return to power in Baghdad anytime soon. Therefore, Damascus decided to reduce the profile of its strategic cooperation with Saddam’s Baghdad—particularly on issues pertaining to WMD. Toward this end, the Iraqi stockpiles then stored near Kamishli were now moved to permanent storage sites in central Syria and northeastern Lebanon. The moving and concealment of the Iraqi WMD were conducted under the command of General Zou al-Himma-al-Shaleesh, a veteran of Syrian-Iraqi strategic cooperation and smuggling Assaf Shawqat, Bashar’s brother-in-law and deputy chief of Syrian military intelligence, personally supervised the undertaking. The first specific account of this action to transfer and hide of the Iraqi WMD was provided by Syrian opposition journalist Nizar Nayyouf, on the basis of detailed maps and notes he had received from “a Syrian senior officer who’d come a dissident.” Several Lebanese, Syrian, and other Arab seat, and/or intelligence sources subsequently confirmed Nayyouf’s reports and provided additional details about the whereabouts of Iraq’s WMD.

First to be moved were the large tanks containing chemical materials. They were put on flatbed trucks and moved to areas of northeastern Lebanon under Syrian military control where they were buried in pits near Hermel and in the northern Bekaa. The Iraqi operational weapons and other sensitive military components were transferred to three sites associated with comparable Syrian military activities. Most weapons and military equipment were moved in large wooden crates and barrels on flatbed trucks and by rail car; the most sensitive elements were transferred in ambulances. The Iraqi weapons and systems were concealed in three places at the heart of the Syrian military-industrial complex where they could be used to improve Syria’s own weapons and missile production.

Iraqi chemical warheads, ballistic missiles, and missile components (mainly engines and guidance kits) were concealed in North Korean-built tunnels in al-Baida, about 2 kilometers from Misyaf near Hama, the site of Syria’s main SCUD and warheads factories. The tunnel complex is controlled by Bureau 489 of the Cipher and Document Security Division of Syrian intelligence – the agencyh responsible for the security of Syria’s most sensitive facilities. Vitral parts of Iraq’s WMD munitions were stored in a Syrian Air Force munitions factory near the village of Tal Sinan, between the towns of Hama and Salamiyyah. This factory procudes aerial mujnitions and tanks for the Syrial Air Force.”

[sorry for the imperfect OCR]

And then there is the DOD release from June 29, 2006 which reports on testimony to Congress that approximately 500 WMD WERE FOUND IN IRAQI ARMY DUMPS post invasion.

WASHINGTON, June 29, 2006 – The 500 munitions discovered throughout Iraq since 2003 and discussed in a National Ground Intelligence Center report meet the criteria of weapons of mass destruction, the center’s commander said here today.

“These are chemical weapons as defined under the Chemical Weapons Convention, and yes … they do constitute weapons of mass destruction,” Army Col. John Chu told the House Armed Services Committee.

You have to live deep in denial to pretend that real, existing, WMD were NOT in Iraq before, during, and after the invasion.

Yet the leftstream media spiked the DOD story and will spike all news, even translation of captured enemy documents, that would vindicate the President and the administration on the existance of WMD.


Because (1) they want see the Bush Presidency fail, and (2) they intend to revise history, if possible, to insure (1).

georgej on July 29, 2006 at 3:34 AM

B Moe-about that whole bringing up Cinton about NK negotiations thing-I thought it was stupid of Kerry too. Democrats seem to think that Clinton was a good President. They suffer from CDS-Clinton Derangement Syndrome. How many more “Sideshow Bob rakes in the face” will we see from Dems? Many more, I hope. D’OH!

Doug on July 29, 2006 at 1:28 PM

I can understand the liberal media quashing the WMD story, but why isn’t someone like Brit Hume or Sean Hannity making a bigger deal?

mikeyboss on July 29, 2006 at 2:33 PM

Thnks again, AP. This will give me much to digest later today.

DannoJyd on July 30, 2006 at 2:12 AM


Scrumpy on May 3, 2013 at 9:55 AM