Hadji Girl

posted at 9:46 am on June 15, 2006 by Bryan

Marine probe over Hadji Girl
CAIR gets what it wants
LGF tracks global misinformation
The meaning of “Durka durka”
Cpl. Belile’s MySpace page
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So CAIR has graduated from muslim hazing hoaxes to harassing our troops for having a singsong? And the marine brass is actually going after this poor guy? I hope we can make enough noise to change their mind. I shudder to think if the pc-police caterwauling can get to the military, we’re on a pretty steep slope. I can’t help it..I sing along. It’s funny. The guy’s got a great voice. Watch his face while he’s singing; he’s trying not to crack up. I just started reading Unhinged today (yes, I’m a suck up and I have no shame)and I’m amazed at how free the democrats feel in flinging their hatred around in a public forum like so much steaming excrement. Yet, we’re going to do our best to tie this poor guy face down over an ant hill for singing a slightly off color song? I daresay Michelle gets more racist email in one day from one left wing moonbat than was expressed in that song…what gives? Well, here’s to our marines, and hopefully their command structure won’t let them down.

austinnelly on June 16, 2006 at 12:47 AM

I have come to the conclusion since 9/11 that CAIR is connected with “Al Qaeda In America” — either as a mouthpiece (spokesperson) or a fund raiser — as well as having a connection to Hamas.

I am of the opinion that the FBI should invesigate CAIR as an agent for Al Qaeda and do so forthwith.

My 2 cents.

georgej on June 16, 2006 at 7:16 AM

My letter to the Commandant

Dear Sir:
I am sure that by this time you have received hundreds, and maybe even thousands, of messages regarding the situation with LCPL Beliel and the now named “Hadji Girl” video, however I would like to add my voice to the what the hell are you thinking crowd. Being a retired member of the Army having served all of my time in the infantry I was often scolded and often in turn admonished my subordinates with the phrase, Don’t think, thinking will get you killed! With that being said we relied on training to the point where our actions became automatic in response to a variety of different situations. With that in mind it has become apparent that apparently step one on your immediate reaction drill to any criticism or accusations directed at YOUR Marines is to immediately initiate a rectal-cranial inversion.
Well sir it is now time to move to step two which is to pull your head out of your fourth point of contact, as we say in the Army. I cannot believe that the propaganda arm of the enemy that we are engaged in armed conflict with, and this is indeed what CAIR is, can issue forth an accusation and instead of standing up for your Marines you instead do their bidding. Army tactics may differ from those of the Marines but I was always taught that when engaged by the enemy immediately seek cover, return fire in sufficient quantity and quality to gain fire superiority, and then close with and destroy the enemy.
Your Marines in the field seem to understand this concept since they never lose any engagement they have with the enemy however you sir seem to have forgotten that basic principle of combat.
So sir, I implore you that instead of merely staying behind cover and according to some reports even aiding the enemy on an attack on YOUR Marines that you return fire, gain superiority and go on to destroy the enemy.



LakeRuins on June 16, 2006 at 9:38 AM

Great song!! Belile may have a future as a song writer and a performer. As far as CAIR, it’s sickening how the media and government reacts favorably to their intimidating complaints. The good news is that they have been backing out of cases where they have sued to suppress criticizing speech mainly because they know that pretrial discovery will reveal them for the Muslim terrorism 5th column that they are.

docdave on June 19, 2006 at 7:22 PM