Video: Highlights of Bush’s immigration speech

posted at 9:30 pm on May 15, 2006 by Allahpundit

Michelle wasn’t impressed. Neither was Hot Air’s video maestro, Bryan Preston.

Full sixteen-minute clip is at Hot Air affiliate Expose the Left. EtL also has video of CNN’s screw-up in cutting to Bush during rehearsal.

Glenn wishes Bush had spent more time on assimilation. Captain Ed says the speech proves Bush sticks to his guns, even if it means a 29% approval rating. Hugh Hewitt gave it a solid B+, then interviewed Julie Myers and downgraded it to a D-.

Dave from Garfield Ridge liked the rhetoric, didn’t much like the actual program. Confederate Yankee congratulates Bush — whom he labels “The Divider” — on having split the Republican party. Jay Stephenson played the drinking game and ended up not totally wasted.

James Joyner liked it, but notes he’s not part of the group Bush needed to win over. Jonah Goldberg says Bush will probably get a bounce from it, but mainly because he can’t go any lower. JPod calls it a “partial victory,” Krikorian calls it wimpy mush. Amanda Carpenter of Human Events Online lists the pros, and then the cons: “No fence. Doesn’t militarize the border. Is amnesty.” Heh.

Pelosi seizes the moment to demand Bush disavow the “mean-spirited” House bill. And suddenly, I see Geraghty’s point from this morning with crystal clarity…

For me, the most ridiculous part was Bush’s insistence that temporary workers would leave when their stay is up. Krikorian draws the obvious conclusion. Derbyshire adds the exclamation point.

John Hinderaker is despondent. Paul Mirengoff is slightly cheerier, but only slightly: “[T]he real middle ground between an automatic path to citizenship and deportation is no path to citizenship and no mass deportation.” Defense Tech considers the logistics and declares the proposal “border security theater,” a plan devised mostly for show. Shocking.

Olbermann Watch reports that Krazy Kayo headed straight for the ulterior motive. Iowa Voice sounds even more depressed than Powerline.

TV Newser says CNN is blaming NBC for their screw-up.

The AP has reactions from Democratic and Republican pols. Tancredo is loving every minute of this, isn’t he? Meanwhile, “the undocumented” are vowing that no National Guardsmen are going to keep them out of the U.S. And here’s the White House fact sheet on — sigh — “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Human Events Online rounds up reaction from various Republican congressmen and senators.

New poll from Newsweek: 61% disapprove of the job Bush is doing — on immigration. A ten-percent increase since January. Aside from Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, border-state pols don’t sound real thrilled with him either.

Meanwhile, at PoliPundit, they’re on the brink of civil war. The Times talks to both sides of the debate and finds, unsurprisingly, that the speech disappointed everyone.

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So ok he says “they must learn English” which they won’t or they would have in the first place. Does this mean that we will no longer cater to the Illegals and have everything in Spanish? Does that mean no more Billboards in Spanish, no more having my kids come home with the school news papers in Spanish (oh yeah I love that :/ ) This is a dream no more seeing Spanish everywhere, I highly doubt it will ever happen they will just sue.

SugarnSpice on May 16, 2006 at 2:16 PM

I can read and write a fair amount of Spanish.
It was funny when I asked this guy at the local bar the other night how to spell a certain spanish word and he couldn’t.
He is from Mexico City and doesn’t know how to write his own language.
How can we expect people to learn a new language when they don’t even know their own?

Kramer on May 16, 2006 at 2:37 PM

According to Jorge, we can have a “guest worker” program here in America. The “Guests” will come here and work for a certain period of time and leave. Yea, that’s the ticket!Uhhhh..YEA,THEY WILL LEAVE AFTER A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF TIME. Funny, I never had so much disgust for a President of the United States than Jorge Boosh. Not Clinton, not Carter..etc. This man has lost his marbles. Guest workers are going to leave the USA, UNLIKE ALL the others, just cause Jorge says they will. He seems to be hell bent on inviting all of Mexico to come up and enjoy it while you can. 300 million Americans, “HARD WORKING AMERICANS” have been and continue to be ignored. He’s OUR president, but seems obsesed with representing the needs of people from a foriegn country. And God forbid if you disagree with his guest worker policy, you are racist and uncaring about a group of “hard working decent folks”. Am I going nuts? This is so bizzare, I never ever thought it would come to this. I figured we would finally stop the bleeding, stop immigration for a period of time, and then do it in a logical, legal and fair way. This universe is upside down! Has Jorge or his handlers checked out who is organizing the illegals? Does he understand that they are DEMANDING instant citizenship? I wonder what he will have to say if all these “hard working decent folks” really get mad and begin to riot in the streets of America? I hear he doesn’t watch TV news nor does he read newspapers. So, guess that answers my question…LOL You got a love it!

SparkyFD on May 16, 2006 at 3:06 PM

All the Prez did last nite was play politics. He thought he could pull the wool over the American peoples eyes while still pandering to the illegals and pro illegal crowd.

darwin on May 16, 2006 at 3:06 PM

What an absolute and TOTAL debacle. I am terminally depressed and only thankful my father is not alive to witness this!

It isn’t OUR fault… there was NO OTHER CHOICE but George and he has totally turned his back on his DUTY to this country to STOP THIS INVASION! We have been bitterly betrayed (as much as I hate to echo the Algore mantra).

I am a lifelong hardcore conservative, yet I will join the ranks of (I’ll bet) the majority of Republicans who will, for the 1st time, refrain from voting AT ALL in November. I have completely HAD IT with this helpless position.

What the hell did we fight so hard for all these years??? Why did we give our time, our donations, our voices to win Republican control of both houses and the Presidency? So we could watch these SPINELESS “conservatives” pander to illegals while talking out of both sides of their mouths with a political wetted finger in the air to detect movement direction?

I want a WALL! I want illegals caught crossing our borders INCARCERATED! I want those who run when told to “Stop” to be SHOT! I want business owners (like I also am) to be FINED AND IMPRISONED if caught employing illegals! I want those found to be here illegally DEPORTED!

A wall is less expensive than enough military presence to detour entry to the same effectiveness.

Do all of these things and the inadequate “jail space” excuse will not be a problem… because together these steps will STOP this invasion.

Think they will decide to keep running the gauntlet when they see a few people go face down in the desert dust with a bullet through them? WRONG! Would you “try again” after that? (Besides, it is way kinder than letting them die of dehydration.)

Fine and imprison those who hire illegals and watch how unpopular that sport becomes overnight! Replace those “workers” with the people who are now sitting on their fat butts drinking up our hard earned, tax supported welfare dollars. (Don’t think for a second that, after the welfare cut-off, their empty stomachs won’t motivate their lazy asses… you know, like YOU and I work to provide support for ourselves and our families!)

Too expensive to deport those determined to be here illegally? Pay for it with the tax dollars saved by no longer having to educate, house and provide health care to these INVADERS!

“Other countries won’t like us?” They HATE us now anyway, but they MIGHT RESPECT us on the other side of this mess.

I WANT $4 per head lettuce!

I am ready to give this to people who can FULLY screw this up… the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS. It seems to be the ONLY WAY to get the message fully digested… so be it.


horsepower_1st on May 16, 2006 at 3:20 PM

The fact is, this speech changes nothing unless it or something better is enacted in Congress. Congress has to vote the funds to federalize and deploy the National Guard to the border. Congress has to authorize the expansion of the Border Patrol and fund it. Congress has to revise the employment and immigration laws to allow for “guest workers,” create a tamper-proof ID, etc. Just as Congress has to increase the funding for ICE to crack down on employers who violate the law in employing illegals.

You get the picture. As Tip O’Neil said: “The President proposes, the Congress disposes.”

I know that Michelle and others do not view the President’s approach as either substantive or effective. However, if Republicans and Conservatives do not support what is on the table as of now, OR if we stay home in November, then “President Pelosi” (what she’ll be if the Democrats gain control of Congress and achieve 66 seats in the Senate), and Senate Majority Leader Reid, will make certain that NOTHING is done about illegal aliens OR border security.

This is the hand we are dealt with in THIS Congress in 2006. As the old Cub fans say: “wait til next year.” We can revisit this issue again, and again, and again until we get what we want and what the country needs.

But first, we have to get something on the books in 2006.

Then we have to retain control of Congress for 2007 and 2008 before we can improve upon it.

Keep your eyes on the prize.

georgej on May 16, 2006 at 3:35 PM

The Guard will be unarmed volunteers with no authority to stop anyone. That should scare illegals.

pat on May 16, 2006 at 4:22 PM

georgej: “Keep you eyes on the prize”, never ever take your eyes off the prize, if the base stays home on election day all is lost, this is defeatist, something is better than nothing. I don’t throw up the WHITE FLAG just because we have lost A battle. I cannot bring my self to handing the leadership of Congress to the left-wing kooks with their hatered for everything just and right. The scum of the Earth is the best way to describe the leadership of the Dimmocraps. A party built on hate. I will never run up A WHITE FLAG, NEVER!

birdman on May 16, 2006 at 4:24 PM

Ugh. Just listened to Cheney on Limbaugh. Seriously depressed that even Cheney has gone in the tank for Bush. I never thought I would say this about Cheney, but what a lying ppiece of sh**. What is it with Cheney that he is willing to sacrifice everything, including his integrity, to kiss Bush’s ass. I was hoping that Cheney would be at least a voice of reason in the administration, but I was wrong.

msplitt on May 16, 2006 at 4:39 PM

Uhh… birdman, who said anything about throwing up the White Flag??

Do you truly believe the major party propoganda that its either Republocrat or Democan? Can’t America, who put a man on the Moon in ten years, come up with another alternative?

Fact is that you are toeing the party line when the party doesn’t care about you, because THEY have you convinced there is no other way to go…

I’ll continue to look…

Romeo13 on May 16, 2006 at 5:52 PM

horsepower_1st: In the fourteen years that I have been listing to Rush Linbaugh how many times have I heard someone say “I’m A hard core conseritive but this time i’m stayin home from the polls”, because Bush signed McCain Fiengold, because of the Kennedy education bill, because of drugs for senior citizens and on and on. Not one of these people were “hard core conservitives”, and neither are you. We have suffered defeats in the past, and we will suffer defeats in the future. A “hard core conseritive” will try to effect chang through the rule of law, and social norms. Bush is not running for office again. Lets get it on. “We the people” run this country, the people we put in power work for us. If we stay home on election day we will only hurt this country, and bring shame on ourselves. When our leaders do not listen to us then we effect change at the polling place. Like the words from the old Janice Joplin song “Little Girl Blue”; “sitting there playing with her fingers little girl blue”. If we stay home on election day we become “little girl blue”, and this country our country suffers because of us.

birdman on May 16, 2006 at 6:19 PM

We need to create a list of Senators that vote for amnesty. This will be the ones that we will commit to seeing that they will not be re-elected.
Senator Hutchinson from my state already says she supports guest worker.
If she votes that way on an amnesty bill, I hope every Texan will not only refuse to vote for her, but to vote against her.
The same needs to be done for the others. We start this list right here, right now. So that they can see their names, and know that when they come up for re-election, they will be out of jobs.
And we need to show overwhelming support for Senators, and representatives that truly represent our view on this matter.
After this Novemeber, those not coming up for re-election then, will have seen what happens to their associates that did, and they will see what is going to happen to them. We are the majority here, and we can make it count. Lets do this! Lets nuke these gutless bastards in the polls this November!

paulsur on May 16, 2006 at 6:19 PM

Remeo13: I am not “toeing the party line” I am not PC sorry. I am A conseritive and I do not give up the fight. True conseritives never do. You will always have the “Country Club” Republicans to deal with, and the fair weather conservitives to also deal with. This party line that you speak of does not exist. This is the Dimmocrap Party that you speak of with their talking points.

birdman on May 16, 2006 at 6:37 PM

I understand all of the concern over Mexicans crossing the border, the strain on our social services, the pandering for votes, all of the crap Bush is piling up.

But I don’t understand why TERRORISM is not the main focus of the border problem instead of the price of lettuce or cost of social services.

It is very possible, even likely, that hundreds of terrorists have already walked across that border and are now in our cities, waiting to strike. Why is everyone ignoring this?

The 9/11 Commission spent thousands of man hours trying to figure out just how those 19 terrorists got into our country and what we can do to prevent it from happening again.

We KNOW how they’re coming in now and the traitor Bush and Congress refuse to do anything about it. In fact they fight any effort to close the border and keep terrorists out. (Treason) Why did we even bother with a 9/11 commission?

We will one day soon turn on our TVs to news reports of 1,200 grade school kids massacred across the country in their classrooms by 10 terror cells, who walked across the border right past the National Gaurd. Just wait. It’s going to happen, as much as we want to stick our heads in the sand and argue about Mexicans and the minimum wage

And then these morons in Congress will call for another “Commission” to find out just how this possibly could have happened.

msplitt on May 16, 2006 at 6:59 PM

Birdman: ” “Keep you eyes on the prize”, never ever take your eyes off the prize, if the base stays home on election day all is lost, this is defeatist, something is better than nothing.”

Sorry, if I misunderstood you, but this certainly sounds like you will continue to support the Republican party no matter how screwed up they are, because “something is better than nothing….”

This for me is nothing more than the final straw. Debt, lack of energy policy, lack of vision, not expanding our military even during a war (so the National Guard is used as active duty, which they did NOT sign up for), budget, emminent domain debacle, middle class getting squeezed while the rich prosper, government leaks with nothing being done…… should I continue???

The Republicans are now part of the problem, not part of the solution… I’m looking for an alternative….

Romeo13 on May 16, 2006 at 7:03 PM

Romeo13: Yes something is better than nothing, you have to work within the party to effect change. There is no alternative. There are A lot of good people in the GOP. I also like you would like to see our military expanded, I also would like to see the leak situation dealt with, this is A devoloping situation. I derive all my income from the stock market (no i’m not rich), GW with his tax breaks has stimulated the ecomoy. I pay capital gains he cut my taxes in half. GW cut everyones taxes Unemployment is currently at 4.7%. Al Gore or John F’n Kerry would have raised everyones taxes. As far as the middle class being squeezed thats not true.

birdman on May 16, 2006 at 7:27 PM

Birdman… In time perhaps, (not one post) I may be able to pass judgment on your “degree” of conservatism, but you neither have any experience with me nor my history to declare mine. So don’t bother to. (PS: …learn to spell.)

In fairness to your argument, you are correct about abstinence from voting. I have railed about apathy for many years and I know in my heart that I could NEVER stay home. Yep, it was an admittedly knee jerk reaction to my displeasure with this mess, but there isn’t much out there to vote for. While I will agree with you that “staying home” is to guarantee defeat, I will submit to you that we have already been defeated by the very imposters who now occupy the various offices. So with what flavor of political correctness would you suggest we freshen the mix next time at the polls? Name someone that has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning in ’06 or ’08 that is truly possessing any semblance of important values/principles? With damn few exceptions, almost nobody deserves re-election this time around.

I live in Maine, a state truly hijacked by liberal swine. It is my home state, although I spent some 20 years worldwide in career activities. There was a time when people here were not swallowed up by the PC quote of the day, but that has long since passed. That valueless refuse surrounds me every day here.

I write letters, closely follow news items of the day, read blogs avidly, talk to my friends about the issues daily, and call my Congressmen (called BOTH of my illustrious Senators earlier today… Comrades Snowe and Collins… did YOU call YOURS? …or do you even know why you should have today?). I even try to stomach and continue to have vigorous debates with my leftist acquaintances trying to turn them. Once in awhile, I do, thus I continue to make the effort.

In general however, it is becoming productive on a level akin to banging your head against the wall. Would you care to explain to me and the rest of us the rationale of Mr. Bush’s positions on this illegal invasion? I honestly invite and welcome your insight.

And as far as Mr. Limbaugh is concerned, he has a brilliant, keen mind and is articulate to the nth degree. I too have listened to him since he first hit the airwaves. But he does not make full use of his talent (which truly IS a gift from God), IMHO. He clowns and plays and jokes. How does that help our common cause (and it IS a “common” cause, whether you choose to view me as ‘adequately conservative’ or not)?

I prefer Col. David Hunt personally. Why can’t he run for Prez? (Because there are too few that clearly see what we face and he wouldn’t WIN.)

Yes, I am frustrated, negative and damn sure pessimistic. No, I wouldn’t, COULDN’T refrain from voting until I lie lifeless and prone. But it is getting pretty difficult to use the poms poms and put on the happy face.

…Have a nice evening.

horsepower_1st on May 16, 2006 at 7:36 PM

horsepower_1st on May 16, 2006 at 7:36 PM

Limbaugh put the kid gloves on with Cheney today. He allowed the VP to avoid and even ignore his questions. Cheney had the nerve to say he had not heard of the Heritage/Sessions study. I find that inconceivable or just an outright lie, since it was the talk of all Washington the last 2 days. Cheney said the administration would “look at it”.

Limbaugh did a huge disservice to his audience. And not one tough question on Bush’s open border policy as it relates to terrorism.

msplitt on May 16, 2006 at 7:45 PM

Birdman… I agree with you about Bush’s tax cuts and the robust economic boom that has resulted. I fully endorse that.

George also has fairly large testes when it comes to terrorism, again, certainly the best bet in town back in ’04 when we put him in again.

But a few good points won’t fix it when a terrorist gets a few nukers off in several major cities simultaneously, because he allowed our porous borders to make it all possible. There isn’t any tax cut that will fix that economic downturn.

My most honored mentor taught me many hard lessons earlier in my life. Two in particular stood out from all the rest…

The first was the difference between “reasons” and “excuses”. The second was to establish priorities.

Bush’s excuses on the porous borders will not later repair his fundamental lack of establishing priorities. Unfortunately, as with 9-11, we will reap yet another hard lesson from this failing. Some things are too big to let them get screwed up, and they are not later fixed when you wait until its’ too late.

horsepower_1st on May 16, 2006 at 7:55 PM

horsepower_1st: I also live in A State taken over by liberal swine New Jersey, its bad. Why would I even bother to call my two liberal Dimmocrap Senators, but I do. I am also very mad at Bush over the illegal situation. I was also very upset with George the 1st and his “read my lips” speech, but it was never or never is the end of the world. You said that you had A “knee jerk reaction” to A speech given almost 24 hours ago, hard to belive. In regards to Rush he is an entertainer and has A great sense of humor, he makes his show very enjoyable. Inn rigerds tooo my spilling has it impover. Have A nice evening…

birdman on May 16, 2006 at 8:02 PM

horsepower_1st: I agree with you on many points like the border problem. I am also very concerned about our enemy coming across the border. I also live in A very liberal state, with two very liberal Democrap senators, and A very liberal goverment. Highest taxes in the country. You said that you had A “kneee jerk reaction” to A speech given almost 24 hours ago, how can that be. Are you in slow motion? PS Has My speling improvved.

birdman on May 16, 2006 at 8:17 PM

horsepower_1st: If you would like to look at my past posts go over to the vault from day 1 to April 30 when because of server problems I was unable to post untill yesterday. I agree with you on many of your points, concerning porous borders etc. When you said that you were going to stay home from the polls you misstated yourself, and gave me the wrong impression. PS Has my spilling inprovved.

birdman on May 16, 2006 at 8:27 PM

sorry about the double post

birdman on May 16, 2006 at 8:29 PM

” When our leaders do not listen to us then we effect change at the polling place.

If we stay home on election day we become “little girl blue”, and this country our country suffers because of us.

Birdman, I agree that a vote for Ross Perot gave the election to Clinton. However, there is one difference this time.

Both major parties are poised tp open citizenship to a so-called 10 million illegals. There munber may be closer to 20 million. Many of them are already illegally voting with their illegal drivers license ids.

Many of these illegals have demonstrated with signs and banners that they believe America is their country not ours, that it belongs to Mexico, that Gringos must go. A huge part of them does not intend to assimilate, speak English. They love our jobs, not our culture. The reconquista movement is gigantic and encouraged by many who are already citizens.

The last Presidential election was very close. Electoral votes were decided by slim margins in many states. Much smaller margins than 10 million divided by 50.

If either the Democrat, or Bush Republican agendas is passed, the only swing vote will be the newly enfranchised illegals, who do not intend to discourage more of their countrymen from migrating illegally. Offspring become citizens. The most common statement from illegal demonstators is “I am only here to work hard….”.

We will not be creating new Americans. We will be giving votes to Mexicans.

At this point we have lost our country to an exploding population of people who are here to take the system back for Mexico.

I have decided there is no point in voting for any politician who supports amnesty, because when amnesty comes, I will be disenfranchised.

My country will belong to the illegals, and their lap dog politicians.

I cannot see any other possible outcome with the legalization of 10 million non Americans, who champion further illegal migration.

Live free or die. Now I understand the words. It isn’t defeatest. I think it is defeatest to not fight to the death to retain ownership pf this nation.

I think this is our last chance to save it.

entagor on May 16, 2006 at 8:53 PM

entagor: I agree with every word out of your mouth “Live free or die. Now I understand the words. It isn’t defeatest. I think it is defeatest to not fight to the death to retain ownership of this nation”. I also like you think this is our last chance to save it.

birdman on May 16, 2006 at 9:04 PM

My solution to the immigration problem:

1. Give illegal aliens 6 months to leave the country.

2. Temporary workers will be granted visas at our embassy in Mexico or their home country. They will be in the same line as everyone else.

3. After 6 months, anyone found in the country would be deported and not allowed to return ever.

4. To avoid breaking up families, we will permit spouses and children to leave our country with the illegal alien.

These rules would solve the problem of removing the illegal aliens, providing temporary workers, reducing the number of illegals attempting to enter illegally, and not break up families.

scubadude on May 16, 2006 at 9:12 PM

The anti war group International Answer and Not In Our Name are front groups for the Communist Party, these are the people behind the large illegal demostrations. Amesty must not be allowed. This is A fifth collum.

birdman on May 16, 2006 at 9:13 PM

Birdman… Wow! New Jersey, huh? Dear God, man, how do you do it? You must be a native and feel for your home state as I do. Tough to witness its’ demise and takeover.

Sorry about the spelling comment… it was cruel and seemed to hurt as much as the “fair weather Republican” item you flung at me earlier. Now that we both lay here bleeding, I think I like you!

Rush is an entertainer, yes, and a great one at that. My point is that he could serve the country much better by skipping that vein and wholeheartedly devoting himself to facts, history and teaching us all. He does this to some degree, but it should be more. The comedy blurs the message.

Entagor… I fully agree that this is very likely our absolute last chance to save our nation that so many unselfishly gave their lives to preserve for us. It is astonishing how many folks feel this is biz as usual and don’t see the ramifications and severity of it.

Good Evening, Fellow Patriots…

horsepower_1st on May 16, 2006 at 9:49 PM

Some thoughts here on the anti-immigrant hate-video, “The Amazing Racist,” that is currently number one with a bullet on iFilm viral videos.

wordwarp on May 16, 2006 at 10:00 PM

Birdman: So, you believe the economic numbers coming out of the administration? Lets see… housing costs? Way UP, Food cost? go to the grocery store… Gas??? need I ask?… electricity? 25% higher than 2 years ago… cars??? all more expensive… even WATER here in Denver has DOUBLED in price the last few years.

Wages? Stagnant for everyone I know.

Hmmm… 2.5 MILLION Technology workers in America OUT OF WORK… I end up doing month to month contract work as a 27 year IT profesional… not by choice, but by necesity… MY income has DROPPED in the last 5 years… and guess what… I don’t count on the rolls of the unemployed, even when I’m not working. I can personaly name at LEAST 20 other people in my EXACT situation… and they want to IMPORT more teck workers from Overseas… and outsource more jobs….

Its amazing that the Government tells us the economy is great, and yet all of us are having a harder time making ends meet. And my view is reflected in the polls, where people are worried about the economy, even though the “numbers” appear good.

Sorry… I know how easy it really is to “Cook the books”… heck.. just look at the crap people believe about so called Global Warming…

Romeo13 on May 17, 2006 at 12:06 AM

horsepower_1st: I think I like you to, we are both part of A “vast right wing consperacy” and we can agree to disagree. We do not tow A “Party Line” we our not “PC”. I am totally in A fog with Bush over the illegal situation, is there some method to his MADNESS. I expected leadership from the Pres., not amnesty. Bush should run for office in N.J. he would fit right in. I like you try to turn my liberal friends it is A slow painfull process with patience you will sometimes succede. Go over to Monica Crowleys site, I post under the name camdenman, link to Saturdays show and read the exchange I had with A moonbat named Joel, I will pat myself on the back I think I did very good. I am A native of Southern N.J., as is Michelle, born in Camden N.J. moved to the South Jersey shore and worked in the Atl. Cty. casinos for twenty years as A waiter and bartender I made A damm good living. I like cheating the goverment out of taxes. Let me say one final thing, I am damm MAD at the Pres. over the illegal mess. Well its 2:30 AM time to go beddy bie. Hope to speak to you again horsepower_1st.

birdman on May 17, 2006 at 2:32 AM

Romeo13: Twenty years ago when Reagen was Pres. I heard the same thing “Reagen is cooking the books”, that line didn’t work then it won’t work now. The Ice Caps are melting “but does Bush care of course not he’s an oil man”. There is nothing we or anyone can do about Global warming or cooling this is the will of God.

birdman on May 17, 2006 at 2:38 AM

horsepower_1st I think I like you too.

birdman on May 17, 2006 at 3:42 AM

horsepower_1st We me and you and most of the people here are all part of A “vast right wing conspiricy” we do not “toe the line” we are not “PC”, we can agree to disagree, we have no “talking points”, we can share new ideas. This is is one of the many things that sets us apart from the left. I am A native of South Jersey as is Michelle, born and raised in Camden, moved to the S.J. shore to work in the casinos in Atl. Cty. in “80”, made A damm good living as A bartender and waiter and cheated the goverment out of tax money. I am MAD AS HELL with Bush over the illegals, there should be no AMNESTY. I see nothing from Bush but BS. Is there A method to his MADNESS I don’t know. If you have the time go over to Monica Crowleys site, I post as camdenman I have an exchange with A moonbat chick named Joel. (I will pat myself on the back and say I did darn good). I also like you horsepower try to turn my lib friends, it is A slow painfull process, but with patience you sometimes succeed. It is now 4:00AM time to go beddy-bye, hope to talk to you soon horsepower.

birdman on May 17, 2006 at 4:03 AM